Gemstones: Meaning, Properties and Benefits

Gemstones strengthen the role of planetary powers in your life and can boost your fortunes as they add cosmic colors to your Chakras and thus enhance their associated area of your life. Since time immemorial, gemstones have been used and thought to possess metaphysical powers. These stones have been revered and used for thousands of years throughout civilization, and though rare in occurrence, they're found almost throughout the world. Today, you can find a variety of gemstones across the globe/ Diamond, Ruby, Moonstone, Citrine, Alexandrite, Coral and Sapphire and the like are highly demanded for their superior qualities, properties and above all, benefits. Gemstones are profound and mystical healing tools that are being used all over the world from past few centuries across different cultures.

In Vedic astrology, gemstones are recommended based on one’s birth chart. However at Chakra Yog, we believe that. Gemstones are best recommended on basis of chakras that need to be enhanced in one’s life and when worn this way, they help in physical, mental and spiritual healing.

How Do Gems Work and Do They Influence Mind and Body?

The power of gemstones is exhibited by their cosmic colors that they possess. The working of the entire cosmic system is fueled by the light of sun planet whose highly powered rays super-charge the gemstones by passing through them. These rays filter through the gems and make them discharge copious amount of cosmic colour which can be used to vitalize the Chakra centres. Used as a ring, a bracelet or a pendant, a gemstone in contact with the skin lets the cosmic rays pass to your body. Through Chakras, the Gems affect the mind and the entire body. They can help awaken our awareness of the psychological, spiritual and emotional aspects of ourselves. Mostly they are polished with good cuts to enhance the reflection of light from them. What makes a gemstone distinct, fascinating, and exotic are the colors, quality and different types. The popular Gemstones with their chief properties for wearing are as below:

Ruby (Sun)
For name, fame, vigor, virtue, warmth and the power to command.

Pearl (Moon)
For stronger mental faculties, calms, emotions, increased peace of mind, a happy conjugal life and protection from widowhood.
Red Coral (Mars)
For courage, risk-taking and immunity against diseases.

Emerald (Mercury)
For memory, communication, intuition, intellect and the ability to learn.

Blue Sapphire (Saturn)
For protection against evils, removal of obstacles, health, wealth, longevity of life, regaining the lost wealth and property.
Gomed or Hessonite (Rahu)
For all delays in the fulfillment of desires, better relations with people, protection against from misfortunes, and immunity against stomach ailments, insanity and evil spirits.
Cat's Eye (Ketu)
For protection against enemies, threats, diseases and addictions.

Yellow Sapphire
For financial growth and stability, wealth, health, name, honor and finding a suitable life partner.

Being the King of gemstones, a diamond offers opulent life, name, fame and creative abilities as well as all pleasures in life.


Gems work on the Chakras in the human body. They harness copious amount of cosmic colour into the chakras, thereby awakening them so that the individual lives to his full potential. As per astrology, they empower the particular planet that they represent. With chakra cleansing and empowerment, they cure various diseases and disorders caused due to chakra imbalance. We at Chakra Yog provide gemstones that are natural, untreated and vedic astrology approved.


The core strength of gemstones lies in their colors they emit. Sun rays passing through a gemstone make it emit a cosmic color that is absorbed by the Chakras. They are widely used to heal physical and emotional sufferings. What makes gemstones distinct, fascinating, and exotic are the colors, quality and their different types. The body needs all seven color rays: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Each color ray is associated with one or more chakras. By using the color ray that supports a particular chakra, you can speed the healing of the associated areas and organs.


The quality of gemstones depends on beauty, rarity, and durability. The beauty of a gem depends primarily on its optical properties, which impart its luster, fire, and color; the durability depends on hardness and resistance to fracture. The unit of weight used for gemstones is the metric carat; one carat equals 200 mg. Following is the list of the most popular and most precious, semi-precious and organic gems.

Precious stones
Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst, Blue sapphire Yellow Sapphire, Ruby, Pearl, Cat’s eye, Gomedh and Coral.
Semi-Precious gemstones
White Topaz, Yellow Topaz, Crystal, White Zircon, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Topaz, Garnet, Spinel, Peridot, Zircon, Quartz, Opal, Turquoise, Moonstone and the like.
Organic Gemstones
Pearl, Amber, Coral and Turquoise

These natural gemstones are able to attract cosmic planetary rays that may boost physical, emotional, or spiritual health or attract positive influences toward you. A natural gemstone is formed by tectonic pressure within the earth over millions of years. On the other side, artificial or synthetic stones are manufactured within a short period of time and do not AT ALL have the competence to discharge cosmic radiation.


The science of using gemstones to remove planetary issues has been in practice since the ancient times. All the monarchies from the Indian, Roman, Chinese and Egyptian civilizations extensively used gemstones. Let us find out the ruling deities and planets of popular gemstones.

Gemstone Planet Deity
Yellow sapphire Jupiter Sadasiva
Ruby Sun Ram
Emerald Mercury Vishnu
White pearl Moon Krishna
Blue sapphire Saturn Kali
Gomedh Rahu Durga
Cat's eye Ketu Ganesha
Red Coral Mars  Hanuman
Diamond Venus Laxmi

As per the Karma Purana, gemstones were created by seven different cosmic rays of light emanating from the seven major planets of solar system. As mentioned earlier, these rays were transmitted in the seven colors of the rainbow: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. These seven rays of light are responsible for all the cosmic creations in the cosmos, including the human body. Colors are the frequencies of light in different bands, and therefore they emit energy in different forms, which directly influences human body and consciousness. Gems work with both kinds of energy – physicochemical, i.e., electrochemical; and pranic, i.e., the vital life force; they are used as Jewelry or taken orally as pastes or oxides as Bhasma of the gems.


* ते नो रत्नानी धनत्न त्रिरा सप्तानी सुन्वते ! एकमेकं सुशस्तिभी "
• रिग्वेदा १.५.२०.७. •

Of the seven important gemstones, each one for each planet, may the almighty lord bestow upon us the appropriate one out of the three ( the best, the good and the average) categories. Gemstones empower a person by their supernatural effects.

अंय्य देवाय जन्मने स्तोमो विप्रेभिरासय ! अकारि रत्नधातम : !!
• रिग्वेदा १.५.२०.१. •

The native (who wears the gemstone) seeks planetary clemency and favour through prayers performed for him by learned brahmins, and through the use of gemstones.

स हि रत्नानि दाशुषे सुवाति सविता भग:! तं भागं चित्रमिहे !
• रिग्वेदा ५.६.८२.३. •

May the Sun God, who controls our existence and prosperity in this universe, grant us the required funds. Since we offer prayers to 'Him', may he keep intact our savings meant for the purchase of gems.

अक्रित्याद्शिर्यम मनिर्थो अरतिदुषी:!
• अथर्ववेद २.४.६. •

Thus properly prescribed gemstone is capable of driving away the influence of witchcraft and will subdue my enemy.

Cosmic Colour Planet Chakra Gemstone
All Venus Hrit Padma Diamond
Ultra-Violet Rahu Vyom Hessonite
Violet None Sahasrara Amethyst
Indigo Saturn Ajna Blue Sapphire
Light Blue Jupiter Vishudha Yellow Sapphire
Green Mercury Heart Emerald
Yellow Sun Manipura Ruby ,Yellow Topaz
Orange Moon Swathisthana Pearl
Red Mars Muladhara Coral
Infra-red Ketu Feet Cat's Eye


Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) has been developed at Chakra Yog after thorough research by Holistic Consultant Neeta Singhal. The Therapy is beneficial to anyone irrespective of their castes, community, religion or age.

The right combination Rudraksha and gemstones under RRST empower the chakras by re-energizing them. After mapping the chakras in one’s body, it is advised to wear the recommended Rudraksha or Gemstone on the correct fingers and body positions in accordance with the specific concerns. It helps in empowerment and in healing of the organs and inactive chakras in a very short duration of time.

We offer rings, pendants and bracelets made with gems, herbs and metals as per RRST method that enhances your emotional and intellectual strengths. Gemstones are energized with their seed (Beeja) mantras. It helps remove all malefic effects of planets and strengthens the benefic effects. Such a gemstone ring/bracelet will only provide beneficial results to the wearer. The first century Greek metaphysical philosopher Agrippa describes briefly the process. "When any star ascends fortunately we must take a stone and herb that is under that star, and make a ring of the metal that is suitable to this star, and in it fasten the stone, putting the herb or root under it, not omitting the inscriptions of images, names and characters”.

Planet Metal Gemstone Beeja mantra Bhasm
Sun Tin Ruby Hoom Ark Bhasm
Moon Silver Pearl Kleem Palaash Bhasm
Jupiter Gold Yellow Sapphire Aim Pippal Bhasm
Rahu Lead Hessonite Om Doorvaa Bhasm
Mercury Bronze Emerald Hreem Apaamaarg Bhasm
Venus Platinum Diamond Shreem Audumbara Bhasm
Ketu Iron Cat's Eye Kreem Kushaa Bhasm
Saturn Mercury Blue Sapphire Om Shamee Bhasm
Mars Copper Coral Kreem Khadira Bhasm


The aura, also known as the etheric body or bio-magnetic layer, is a subtle energy field that surrounds one’s physical body. This layer, when it comes in contact with the gemstones, heals a person from within.

At Chakra Yog we offer customized combinations of Rudraksha beads and gemstones as per your problems and requirements. We analyze your chakras and planetary influence to select the best gemstone combinations for you. These gems are set with Bhasma and mantra and are made as powerful protective talisman for you. You may write to us or email us or book a consultation with us from link below. Experience healing, empowerment success with Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy.



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